A Message From Our CEO

Sitara Labels (Pvt) Ltd takes great pride in serving the industry for Sixty years. We have been
serving our clients for Three generations. The legacy of this company was entrusted by the
founder Mian Ali Muhammad to the forthcoming generation Sixty years back. We have reached
many milestones growing with the industry and our clients.
Currently, Sitara labels has presence across the country. It has been made possible due to
unwavering enthusiasm and diligence to soar high and higher. Now this legacy is on the way to
its zenith with the innovative contribution of Mr.  Muhammad Abdullah – the new generation of
Sitara Labels. With this rich contribution, we are looking to explore new horizons in industry.
We are grateful to the endeavours of our team members to help us reach the goals planned on
this long journey. Our plan for growth has taken a faster pace, which is creating more job
As the sole family business, we have been proactive in improving according to the needs of
sustainable and responsible business market. In the pursuit of this passion, Sitara labels is among
the very few names to achieve quality with responsible measures.


Mian Shaukat Ali Qadri

(Chief Executive)