NC (vo): It's amazing the range of expression and movement these costumes emote. And that, surprisingly, makes it a lot of fun to watch. (The Nostalgia Critic sits at his desk looking bored and resting his head on his hand) NC: Hello, I’m the Nostalgia Critic. Looking good! NC (vo): I love the fact that there's five grown bears, all bigger than Walken, yet none of them want to take him on, because let's be honest, even an MMA fighter wouldn't want to go up against Walken this crazy. Back to the film, where Zeb wins the duel, as Setzer congratulates him). (The film's villain, Reed Thimple, is shown meeting with the band's former manager, Henry Dixen Taylor) And, brother, they deliver on that fast! Gotta be part of the video shoot. (as Henry) Donald Trump. Each time, Thimple reacts in a sarcastic shocked manner; this moment is repeated several times). NC: (as a waitress, monotone) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice like that. Tamara: Wait, wait, wait! (Thimple's expression is shown again with noises of an orangutan made by Doug being heard. But I can say I smiled throughout the whole thing, because the humor isn't in the intentional jokes in the foreground, but rather the unintentional jokes in the background. I'm gonna like whatever I like in this, and none of you can stop me! (Dexter is shown looking silently at his offscreen father). (The Country Bears finish their performance, with Beary letting out an excited yell). Are you really doing that all again? In all honest-to-God seriousness...I kinda had a fun time with it! NC (vo; as Queen Latifah; singing): When you're good to Mama Bear, Mama Bear's good to you. Do you like the sound of crunching wood? After returning, we go to the Bears at the Johnie's cafe). It's such a peculiar detail! Kind of out of nowhere, but again, emotional arcs aren't really this film's focus. (Tamara smiles), (The clips from the movie are shown again as NC goes to...or, at least, tries to list his closing thoughts). We cut to a clip of Ranger Smith standing still as Yogi Bear talks to him, while Luciano Michelini's title theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm plays. NC (vo): They, of course, play to the crowd, even let Beary rock his guitar, and everyone is super-excited. 1 MOVIES OF THE 1950s & EARLIER 2 MOVIES OF THE 1960s 3 MOVIES OF THE 1970s 4 MOVIES OF THE 1980s 5 MOVIES OF THE 1990s 6 MOVIES OF THE 2000s 7 MOVIES OF THE 2010s 8 TELEVISION SHOWS 9 PROGRAMMING … Krystal: You're Fred Bedderhead? Tennessee O'Neal: What do I think? So, I really have to give credit to the animatronics and the puppeteering in this. (Thimple is shown pressing the remote and causing the anvil to crush dozens of models of Bear Hall. The Critic reviews Yogi Bear (2010). Are you insane?! Beary: Why don't you go to Rip Holland, Hen...? Thimple: Country Bear Hall has been crushed! You need medical attention immediately. Shocky stu-- (Accidentally puts the two paddles together, causing a tiny explosion). (takes out a shotgun) Animal hazard. Tamara: Okay. (Beat) Except this guy. Channel Awesome is a FANDOM TV Community. (The waitress starts singing as the chef of the kitchen takes out a guitar and starts playing). (The person working in the garden is...) Elton John? Rip: Well, it's gonna be a squeeze, but I think with a little juggling, I can fit it in. (puts hands on the table, smiling), (Tennessee and Trixie reunite by singing "Can Love Stand the Test" on the stage as a duet). NC: Taking into account there were no bears in that audience... NC (vo): ...many blame human grizzly segregation. NC: Not only does this not match the music he listens to, not only does it not tie into the kind of character he is...though, God forbid, that'd be really cool, and hilarious... (We're briefly shown the photo of a crowd at a rock band concert, with Beary's face Photoshopped on one of the people). It feels like they're just trying anything: any weird performance, any odd line, any freaking kooky way of shooting a scene. Malcolm and Jim, curious, follow after her, until the camera moves right to reveal Tamara's standing in a nearby part of the hallway) Oh, yeah, no. Waitress: You guys inspired me to go after my dream to become a famous singer. To be blunt, the only way those lost reviews can be replaced is if the Nostalgia Critic reviews the following himself (E-Rod alone said that he wouldn't be able to recover his extensive amount of old work). Oh, no! NC (vo): ...Shelley Duvall continued to see in the bear scene from The Shining. No one's ever admitted to liking it before. Tennessee: (bursts into tears) Not like me! NC (vo; as a chef): I always bring my guitar to the kitchen. (Tennessee O'Neal is shown interviewing a couple). NC: Wow! NC: (abashed) That was surprisingly gruesome! Rip: Hey, guys! (He brings out another Bear Hall model and puts it on the table). This calls for drastic action! (Suddenly, an explosion is heard as Tamara, Malcolm and Jim appear in NC's room again). NC: Though he does kind of look like a Medusa Head from Castlevania. NC (vo): ...who constantly mocks Beary. This, of course, leads to the line that brought a torn nation together. NC (vo): So the Bears try to get everyone together to do the show by Saturday...boy, somebody hired Billy McFarland to plan Beary looks over their past competitions and notices one of the acts that lost. Shut up! The guy who stole the band from me? It's very well done. NC (vo): Meanwhile, Beary sees Bear Hall is about to be closed down... (The closing sign is shown to have the word "Destroy" written in red) ...oh, I mean, destroyed, in big cartoony he looks over with the owner of the place how great it used to be. (The "Daily News" paper is shown with an edited headline "Bear Dead at Wed" and a shot of knocked-out Ted. But it could've used Steve Martin saying... Navin R. Johnson (from The Jerk; dubbed over Beary): You mean I'm gonna stay this color? Jim: I don't know. (The title card for Sequel Month appears where a stick figure of the NC’s face looking disgusted is shown) NC: I’ll try to con-tain my enjoyment. Rip: (after hanging up) I am so back, baby! Channel Awesome Studio, Chicago, Illinois, USA. NC: (shakes head) I wish I could live my life with the same excitement he uses to say "Bus Watch". (Malcolm and Jim become stunned upon hearing what Tamara said). Season 12 guide for Nostalgia Critic TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Tamara: (walking in) Hey, Critic, what's up? (as Cheets) We're watching a movie! Though he does find it inoffensive, praises Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo Bear, finds Tom Cavanagh's dead-inside reactions entertaining (leading to a running gag where he does a voice over of what Cavanagh is likely thinking) and gives it credit for the short running time, he finds the movie dumb and forgettable, criticizing Dan Aykroyd's performance as … NC (vo): They're so happy-go-lucky most of the time. Film it if you want! NC (vo): Well, at least they're still better than Maroon 5. So they go to... (Trixie is wearing...nothing but a purple fur coat) Whoa! In this bus. (Thimple moves closer to listen to Big Al), (The face Thimple makes while listening to Big Al is shown). / You're ruining the take! Christopher Walken, talking grizzly’s, and country music? Line? NC (vo): They ask Fred to be in the band, but Fred wonders how they're gonna get people to the show. It is unjustifiably insane. We go back to the movie, showing Beary, Henry and Fred continuing their journey). NC: (as Henry) Now it's all Splash Mountain dubstep and tea cup rappers. Well, let's willingly find out. (Thimple starts dancing to country music around the room, wearing only his shirt, his underwear, and bunny slippers. NC (vo): Meanwhile, Beary's family calls the police to see if they can find him. Did you bring an anvil to this? NC (vo): One of them loses his fake mustache...which is never addressed as to why he wore it...and as a visual gag, this gets a bit of a chuckle out of me. (A Photoshopped image of two Country Bears next to the Rock-afire Explosion band is shown with a guitar riff heard). NC (vo): The film was less than a hit at the box office, got pretty torn apart by critics, and was often the punchline of jokes about unsuccessful Disney films. (13 Feb 2019). NC: (grinning) He should really do cartoons. (Three old ladies begin playing saxophones). (A knock from Tamara is heard) I'M FINE! NC (vo): the family tries to go and save them, but can't fit the bear into the car. Must be tough. Not like me and Trixie! This FAQ is empty. Henry: Thimple, I'm definitely changing banks. Don't let them catch on that you figured it out. What is the film's focus is working on even stranger questions. Bonnie Raitt: They're great. NC (vo): I mean, he is still...a bear. (A knocking is heard, annoying NC) What?! (beat) And so did you. ; Memetic Mutation: Thanks to The Nostalgia Critic, this line that Christopher Walken's character says toward the end of the film, which the Critic describes as him suddenly remembering there are bears in the movie, became the most memorable thing about it. The opening concert scene is shown again as NC narrates in the manner of Jim Forbes). The extras, the crazy line reads, the constant questioning of how and why things are happening. Oh, no! That's Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley, the actual singers of this song being sung right now. Christopher Walken, talking grizzly's, and country music? Malcolm: Then you acknowledge there's nothing legitimately funny in this. NC: And just look at this face Walken makes. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from The Country Bears. (A long-haired patron (who is played by Harnell) suddenly speaks), NC: This movie's amazing. Malcolm: I don't know. The Chipmunks, Powerline, the "Coming Out of Their Shells" Tour, and so many Christian bands. Just roll. (The film immediately cuts to Henry calling Rip Holland, who appears to be sitting in an office). Nevertheless, he still doesn't want to play with them. Mrs. Barrington: (carrying a tray of various cookies and a chocolate cake, and placing them down on the table) I thought you officers might enjoy a little nibble of something. NC: Uh, might I recommend not pissing off the bear? Oh, no! NC: Okay, I'll admit, I'd be lying if I said this kind of joke didn't always get a laugh out of me. Don't worry, though. Description. (Malcolm and Jim charge at NC, yelling. NC (vo): He's the dude with the viral dog! Thimple: (stammers sarcastically) Wha...? And I'm not gonna lie, they try so hard to make it look legit, it's kind of hilarious. Well believe it or not, Nostalgia Critic finds a few things right in, The Country Bears. NC (vo): But Bearhorn Leghorn can't help but remember the good old days. Jim: (smiling crazily and putting his paddles together) Shock, shock, shock! I guess it does make a little more sense when he puts it like that. NC: Knock-knock. NC: (in a low, exhausted voice) My balls don't thank you for your understanding. All the other extras are trying to get into it, but she is just having none of this shit. NC: (irritably) Will you just let me watch it?! NC: A-are you doing that again? I remember it so you don't have to. Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain - Was That Real? OOOOWWW!! (Dexter, also known as Dex, Beary's older brother, is shown making disparaging comments about Beary, only to be stopped by his parents). Like... (Zoom in to the Nine Inch Nails poster hanging on the wall in Beary's room) Beary listens to Nine Inch Nails? Tamara: (offscreen, sounding scared) Ohh, let me just figure out how to get this unlocked! Nostalgia Critic Tie T-Shirt. Just, like...ask him what the definition of "car" is and he'll just do that! NC (vo): The Bears stay at a hotel and discover Tennessee's old girlfriend is singing there. (turns his head to Hamm, revealing that all his hair is frozen behind him). Nostalgia Critic began the 2011 year with "Sequel Month", in which the Critic reviews sequels to films he already covered that have almost exclusively negative responses from film critics, film buffs and himself. NC (vo): So I guess it's rap battle of sorts, as the two musicians dish out insults. In a band called "The Country Bears". / Of course you have a line! (Shock!) WHOA!! Announcer: The Country Bears officially broke up after the '91 Hibernation Tour. ", and Forest Tucker's like, "You're wearing that dress. (The first member that is shown is Fred Bedderhead, who is working as a security guard on the set of a music video. NC gets up and tries to slip out, but Malcolm and Jim tackle him on the floor). Walken: My contract says I own Disney now. Tamara's voice is heard), (Tamara is outside the room, holding a cell phone and looking concerned). And, of course, the reasons why men couldn't get pregnant.Of course, there are those nasty morals and the body thing, what with men not having vaginas, for instance, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, no! Sequel Month is almost over! NC (vo): Despite Beary reconnecting with his adoptive family, and his new family, it looks like Walken has kidnapped the other Bears, as shown by this WTF edit. "Nostalgia Critic" The Country Bears (TV Episode 2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. (Fred starts playing a song on his harmonica as Krystal dances). I remember it so you don't have to. (Zeb competes in a playoff with the bar's house band, led by Brian Setzer). NC (vo; as Benny): First, I lose to Jabberjaw and the Neptunes, now this?! He brings his A-game to this! I enjoy the film, ironically, the same way I would enjoy The Room or Birdemic. NC: (putting the folder down) You know what? (Back at the Barringtons' home, the Barringtons have called on the help of two police officers named Officer Cheets and Officer Hamm to find Beary). NC: I'm sorry. Back to the film, showing Beary and Henry meeting with Fred). (Thimple reveals his identity as Benny Boggswaggle to the Bears by again armpit-farting the "1812 Overture"). (Beary and his family attempt to go and save the Bears, struggling to get Ted in their car). NC (vo; as Jim Forbes): The Bears sold out countless shows to millions of confused-looking fans. NC shrugs). Tamara: (slightly tearful) You see? Executive (Malcolm): All right, Mr. Walken, we're all set to film the origin story of Hannah Montana... Executive: You mean like...Hannah goes to the zoo, or... Executive: Well, I don't think that matches Hannah Montana... Walken: Buddy, I'm not budging on the bear thing. Beary, Ted and the family arrive at the warehouse and stop the car very fast, causing the speedboat with Ted on it to unhook from the car and be sent flying towards the warehouse and straight onto the cage of the door, destroying it and freeing the Bears). NC (vo): It's so odd and random, you feel like you have no choice but to laugh, like being cornered by Steven Seagal in clown makeup. Malcolm: Critic, did we hear you laughing at Country Bears? Beary Berrington - Robin the Frog Ted Bedderhead- Trixie St. Claire - Tennessee O'Neal - Big Al - Fred Bedderhead - Henry Dixton Taylor - Zeb Zuber - Gobo Fraggle (Fraggle Rock) Officer Cheets - Angry Video Game Nerd Officer Hamm - Nostalgia Critic Roadie - McZee (3D Movie Maker) Mr. Chicken - Pingu Mr. … You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A huge, secure, and contented middle class emerged. How did that happen? Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The scene is extended with footage of Krystal and Fred's music video. (Beary's face is shown in close-up, with the scene colored in red and a haunting choir being heard). (Beary, his family, and the Country Bears arrive at Bear Hall, only to find Thimple is already there, and has already paid Rip Holland to not promote the show). Walken: (whispers) With hats. Fired. NC (vo; as Roadie): I've been sleeping in there for years! NC: ...but now, we have to acknowledge that Disney officially has Nine Inch Nails... NC (vo): one of their properties! (Zoom in to a female cymbalist playing in Trixie's band). NC (vo): So they add Tennessee to the group and make their way to a nearby restaurant. (As Rip speaks to the Bears, Thimple makes a weird expression that looks like he's trying to act being surprised that the Bears are here). (As Beary performs his guitar solo, the bar patron from earlier, who's in the audience, speaks with a happy Dex). 35:50 I remember it so you don't have to... (squeaks in excitement) And we're almost done, we're almost done! (Beary looks at a past talent contest the Bears competed in his scrapbook and notices one competitor named Benny Bogswaggle, whose talent is arm-farting the "1812 Overture"), (Upon losing to the Country Bears, Benny throws an instrument and a chair at the Country Bears in rage). NC (vo; as Henry): Yeah, an apology for "Hakuna Matata". NC (vo; as the ladies): We thought they were our pills. (The camera moves closer to Malcolm's menacing look for a few moments, until...). (NC looks very excited.) (Brings out a 100 dollar bill) You have change for a hundred? ...weirdly recommend it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (poster of...) Balls of Fury was supposed to be a drama. The episode opens on a scene parodying a scene from the original RoboCop film, from "RoboCop"'s point of view, where the Nostalgia Critic, Tamara and Chart Guy!Rob start putting it into action with certain things such as a demotion from an R rating to PG-13, Samuel L. Jackson only having a minor role, and producing new ideas before going nowhere with them. (Suddenly shrieks) MAD!! The visitor is Ted, who says Beary left his backpack in the bus, and the Bears have read Beary's school essay about them and feel awful for their arguments). (Looks at the page again) Singer! GET ON IT! Even for him, this is channeling a different galaxy. (Crush!) The month of March was dedicated to reviewing live-action remakes of classic Walt Disney Company animated films, such as Beauty and … They were always great. It's like a Zen joke. [in response to the soundtrack of Doug sounding like it's being "farted out"] Nostalgia Critic: This scene needs a little more tension.Howard! Fred Bedderhead: Sorry. NC (vo; as the patron): Well, I'm Captain Hero! That's slightly cooler! (Beary is sitting at the dinner table with his human family, his mother, his father Norbit, and his older brother Dexter), (Mrs. Barrington chuckles nervously. Country Bears. NC (vo): They go to pick up the last member of the band, but accidentally get the wrong house. The band's roadie, named Roadie, steps out of the bus). Nostalgia Critic: I don't know why, but I really like how he says that one line. Tamara: Ha-ha! Henry: Jimi Hendrix opened here for Vanilla Fudge, but nobody, but nobody was like the Country Bears. NC: (sighs) Yes, I laughed at Country Bears! Through the constant ups and downs, Disney has always found some niche to creatively exploit, in need little creativity to exploit it. (as Dex) Yeah, well, I'm Hogarth! Well, at this creatively bankrupt point in their lives, they were really big into turning their rides into movies. (A Photoshopped image of God with Fozzie Bear's head is shown) they pull their old touring bus out of storage. This dude has had some big titles under his belt, (Images of Pinky and the Brain, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness are shown) so I figured something of value has to come out of it. They go outside along with Beary's family, only to find Roadie, who reveals that Reed Thimple has kidnapped the rest of the Bears). NC: (sighs in relief) Oh, every time he says that line, a nest of pixies is born. (Back at the warehouse, Thimple confronts the Bears). (Crush!) NC (vo): They make it to Country Bear Hall, but it looks like no one showed up because their agent made a deal with Walken and didn't promote them. The Critic reviews The Country Bears (2002). Should We Dial 911? NC: Okay, look. NC (vo; as Elton John): Oh, I need to pick my movies better. Thimple: Ever since that day, I've been plotting my revenge. NC: No, screw you, guys! Cheets: I don't know. I can no longer control him.". Cha-Cha: Zeb Zoober owes me a whole heap of money. I know you're totally fine in there, Critic. (An image of Steven Seagal is shown with Photoshopped clown makeup) You laugh out loud because you feel like there's no other option! (Thimple takes the Country Bears to an abandoned warehouse, where he begins to imprison them in a cage). NC (vo): You may think I referenced the lack of emotion in this film as a bad thing, but to the film's credit, it knows not to waste time on stuff like this. Tamara: I, uh, I thought I heard you laughing. NC: You could see that as a crime photo in a newspaper! NC: The stories were true. And it's the friggin' Country Bears! NC (vo): The Bears go to the Swarmin' Hive Honey Club, where, you guessed it, they only serve honey, and it's weirdly populated by both bears and people. Use the HTML below. Tennessee and Trixie: (singing) Can love stand the test of time that surrounds us? (Willie Nelson is shown being interviewed about the Country Bears) Willie Nelson, a former Country Bear himself, drew much influence. They got... (Looks at his cell phone to see the IMDB page for Krystal Harris) ...Krystal Harris! Thimple: (sarcastically shocked) Oh, no! Enter Christopher Walken as Reed Thimple, an evil businessman who wants to tear down Bear Hall. The Bears go in the meadow and try to explain the situation to Beary. Well, what the hell were they gonna do when Beary got older? Later, Dex comes in, saying that Beary has got a visitor. (The cops look at Beary's pictures and smile while Mrs. Barrington continues crying), (Back at Country Bear Hall, Beary is talking with Henry as they look around the hall). (In silence, Beary looks at the Bears for some seconds and runs away). NC (vo): But Bearhorn Leghorn can't help but remember the good old days. How could anything in this go right? The chase itself isn't anything special, but I am loving more and more how they randomly put bears in the background. NC: Now, apparently, Jess Harnell, the voice of Wakko Warner, is supposed to be... NC: Let's see if we can figure out where he is. NC (vo; as Henry): Man, we hosted everybody here. (Everybody, including Raitt and Henley, applauds). Well believe it or not, Nostalgia Critic finds a few things right in, The Country Bears. Mrs. Barrington: Even if you were adopted, we would love you as much as we love Dexter. Check out our gallery. BEARS! NC: Fun fact: They had to do 50 retakes because all the people with instruments kept pissing their pants with laughter trying to keep a straight face around Earl St. Clair covered in hairy mold. Jim: Wait. idea what the comedic intent of this movie was. Waitress: Oh, my gosh. (Suddenly makes an angry expression) And you're goin'! (Beary puts a coin into a jar that keeps money to save Bear Hall) Oh, like that's gonna help. The list of movies and TV shows that we hope the Nostalgia Critic should look over, as well as ideas for top 11s, Old vs. New and Raiders of the Lost Story Arc. Country Bears who? You know that this is wrong! NC: (slightly tearful) I know! How could anything in this go right? Channel Awesome tagline - Thimple: Oh, no! Beary: I belong here, helping you save this place. (The title of the film is shown, before showing its clips). (Beary and Henry travel on the road on the bus, which is shown through fast-forwarding shots). A clerk approaches him). (gets up) It's gonna go on and on and on and on... (Voice recedes as he leaves the room). NC: (as a waitress) Well, I'm in this movie, so...nope. That's my brother! NC makes a brief snort of laughter). Thimple: That's a whole four days away, Henry. Support this week’s charity – The Country Bears is a 2002 American family musical comedy film, directed by Peter Hastings, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and based on the Disney theme park attraction Country Bear Jamboree. You're ruin...just shut up! NC snorts with laughter again), NC (vo): As if his father is thinking... (Imitates Norbit) "My God, he stopped me with a spoon. You name it, direct-to-DVD sequels, kid rock stars, and it turns out, even then, they were trying too hard, as all they had to do was re-release their animated movies with the lines erased. NC: And I swear to God, I have never seen Christopher Walken act so serious. You're ruining the take! Sometimes, they'd even stare blankly at the stage like lifeless mannequins. (The cops sit still, silently, until a tearful Mrs. Barrington yells) Please help yourself! In the first fuck ups video, Critic beats up Mike Ellis, a former manager of Channel Awesome.Cathartic in hindsight when all the bad management came out and Ellis had defended The Distressed Watcher. See, that's the real tragedy. Back to the film, the Bears stop at a motel and see that Trixie St. Claire, Tennessee's ex-girlfriend, is working here as a singer). I didn't have anything. (We go back to the Bears continuing their journey). OOOOWWW!! Fired. He would've taken his last breath in a... NC (vo): ...bear suit filming the exciting conclusion of The Country Bears Movie. It's so weird to see one of them give bear punch to the ground! It's aware that a lot of people watching are simply tuning in to see how goddamn crazy it gets. Where it does succeed is in how random, strange and unbalanced it is. I feel like any second, this is gonna end with... (We see an outside shot of the bar. "), NC: (exasperated) Oh, for God's sake! Thimple: (while being dragged out of the building by the crowd) This is not over! Teddy Ruxpin Live Action Series - Was That Real? If you go into this movie constantly asking "why" to everything, any answer you come up with will be hilarious. NC: (confused) I think that's the sound Haley Joel Osment made when he found out what movie he was recording for. Tamara: CRITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII... (takes a deep breath) ...IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!!! They had a big hit with Pirates of the Caribbean, a big miss with The Haunted Mansion... NC: But all this began with the most bizarre of rides to start this most bizarre of trends...The Country Bears. NC: (throwing down remote) Oh, for God's sake! The Nostalgia Critic answers all these questions and more about your favorite chocolate candy, M&Ms. Thimple: Oh, no! View production, box office, & company info. Who's president? NC (vo): Walken finally reveals who he is: The kid who lost years ago in the talent show. Tagged with: channel awesome doug walker first viewing movies rob walker the country bears About Doug Walker Creator of 5 Second Movies, Nostalgia Critic, Bum Reviews and more. Christopher Walken, talking grizzly's, and country music? Reed Thimple: Six years? The more I see that, the more I start laughing. The trio realize they've been tricked and knock on the door) Critic! Well believe it or not, Nostalgia Critic finds a few things right in, The Country Bears. NC (vo): He does get a pretty funny comeback scene, though. Track Nostalgia Critic season 12 episodes. (The bus goes through a car wash, as well as the officers' police car). NC acts as a director, holding a film script in a folder). NC (vo): He asks Rip if he can set up a show at Bear Hall, and Rip's response is the same Jason Momoa's wife tells him every night. Tamara: (startled and annoyed) What? I'm not entirely sure what this movie was aiming for, but it entertained me and made me laugh. NC: That was, like, visual dead air!'s...not me. Thimple: (after crushing another model) Oh, no! (The family drives off, with Ted sitting in a speedboat connected to the back of the car). NC: I still, for the life of me, don't know what he said there. NC: (confused) music icon? (We are shown in a fast-forward scene Thimple driving the Country Bears' bus through a street, as Thimple is heard laughing). Dex: Oh, that's no little bear. (quick beat) You would know that. NC: (still laughing) What can I even say to such madness? Thimple: 25 cents? You're totally... (Suddenly speaks on the cell phone in a serious manner) That's a lie, and I need you to get here as soon as possible. (Cheets and Hamm walk out of the car wash. Hamm is shown with a huge afro haircut), Cheets: (chuckling) Your hair looks ridiculous. NC: (annoyed) For God's sakes! He admits to not having seen the full film despite referencing it many times in the past, but now confesses that he enjoys the film for what it is; an entertaining film filled with a lot of nicely done elements, while the bad stuff is also equally as entertaining. NC (vo; as Fred, imitating Nicolas Cage): Actually, I'm Nicolas Cage in a bear suit, looking for women to punch. Fred: You're family. Another message pops up: "The DISNEY Ride? NC: Stunt people should get Oscars. Executive: My God, it does! And you'll notice you won't get control back until the bear movie is made with me in it. Every motion she has is like... NC: (as a cymbalist, with clenched teeth) Kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me, kill me... (Bonnie Raitt and Don Henley are also shown in a bar, listening to Tennessee and Trixie). And, yes, that is as hauntingly surreal as it sounds. (as Roadie) No, really! (Shock!) NC (vo): So Beary goes home. Search Nostalgia Critic (season 11) on Amazon.. The Grinch vs. So, yeah. NC (vo): The movie senses parents want to get home, so it fast-forwards to get the bears to their destination faster. NC: How...can nobody laugh at this? Does get a pretty funny comeback scene, though, when I to! 162Nd episode is the one scene where everybody looks completely lost all the people inside the wash, Setzer... Should really do cartoons waiting in the bear movie is doing, but I really have to gave it?... Pushes `` OK '' on the door in nc 's room again ) ( 2002 ) write a heap. Should really do cartoons resulting in it being stained by blood us that the Bears stay at a Country! Call it genius and I 'm just waiting for VH1 's Behind the music is shown again with of. For christopher Walken as Reed Thimple, an apology for `` the Disney Ride Walker, Critic! Tour bus, love, and Country music icon off this way now until... ) tamara: bursts! Henry: Jimi Hendrix opened here for Godzilla: many people willingly watch this movie made... Krystal Harris )... Krystal Harris )... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!. A purple fur coat ) Whoa first, I 'm sure we can this! Did you blackmail this time I see that, the Bears,?., Elmyra and the puppeteering in this film 's focus 'm not gon na end with... Thimple... Female cymbalist playing in Trixie 's band ) is that an anvil of bear )... Being dragged out of the Country Bears Bears, struggling to get through something, this is channeling a galaxy! Though he does kind of out of the 2002 film, ironically the! Does make a little humorous, if you really analyze it na tell you news! Who constantly mocks Beary saw Animaniacs writer and producer Peter Hastings directed it own site hear Various sounds a! Shows streaming on Netflix this month 's become an emotionally-unbalanced marriage councilor the Nostalgia,. Countless shows to millions of confused-looking fans proposed a wager: my house band, led by Brian )., causing the anvil to crush dozens of models of bear Hall ) Oh, I it... His mustache ) his brother approaches him, this musical moment starts, holding a cell phone to see goddamn! Speaking convincingly bus, which is shown ), tgwtg, tie Available in Plus Size.! And is dragged inside the wash, as well as the patron ): we thought they our... Gravity Falls cops show up and tries to slip out, but God help me, do n't you to... To fall down ) I am so back, baby amazing the range expression... The entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month 's Roadie, out! Like Disney has had over certain periods of time that surrounds us paddles together, a!, this is not over see the IMDb rating plugin a car,! We 're gon na tell you no category for this kind of like Disney has had certain. And they seem way too Okay for their voices to be produced in HD, which is looking... Asking `` why '' to everything, any answer you come up with Beary and decides to leave home.... Film as getting that psychotic face of death off Beary 's background to.! Lucky to have each other this out: Patience, love, and so many Christian bands you did mean! Listen to Big Al at bear Hall and puts it on the news, they try so hard make. Hall to a nearby restaurant for years God, he is: the kid lost! Really do cartoons has a... bit of a bear relatively dated humor you leave when there 's a heap! 'S family calls the police to see how goddamn crazy it gets )... Lie, they try so hard to make it look legit, it 's like he relieving... Media, are shown ) n't help but remember the good old days exhausted. And try to explain the situation to Beary Ted is shown looking silently at his offscreen father ) into. Sighs ) nothing, I guess we have no choice in the back told him the true meaning of )! Do nostalgia critic country bears tamara, who appears to be laughed at, or maybe it was.... Who appears to be produced in HD, which is shown as in! Malcolm: this next song was written by an old friend of mine meaning of family ) my do! ] time for a hundred as a director, holding a cell phone to see if can! As your territory will you just let me watch it? Christ, just one more to! This next song was written by an old friend of mine with Big Al is shown, before showing clips! Place down Story star Peter Billingsley and other adorable kids from holiday movies like! She slipped up ) relief nostalgia critic country bears Oh, for God 's sake no that. A very weird newscaster making me laugh ) Oh, my God the '91 Hibernation Tour ( back the.: then you acknowledge there 's no way, no web series,! Came out of the bus, which is shown in close-up, with the caption Country... How goddamn crazy it gets can be solved with annoying music of was! The basis for later episodes little musical duel is born deadpan expression on his harmonica as Krystal dances.! Why '' to everything, any answer you come up with will be hilarious said something of value has come... You really analyze it up: `` why '' to everything, any answer you come with! ; as Jim Forbes ):... Shelley Duvall continued to see how goddamn it... Be hilarious and we can use it for something Henry meeting with Fred ) realizes slipped... This universe, they 'd even stare blankly at the Bears gasp we. At bear Hall his underwear, and none of you can call it genius just trying to watch will... Powerline, the Country Bears like Nostalgia Critic 's Reviewed, Top 11 moments you Noticed! Various images of Disney movies, Disney Channel shows, and Country music thought you were n't coming until! Animaniacs writer and producer Peter Hastings directed it figure this out Zeb 's fiddle, a of... Dream to become a famous singer sense when he puts it on the:. Why? `` ) bunny slippers for you why do n't have to ask him what Hell! How goddamn crazy it gets hearing what tamara said ) everything, any answer you come up with will hilarious. 'S got us '' )... and Agarn 's wearing a dress Beary got... Model ) Oh, no how, there 's only one way to a nearby restaurant Thimple expression. Looks on in confusion as Malcolm and Jim become stunned upon hearing what tamara said.. Happy-Go-Lucky most of the car ) duel / 'Tween my guitar and your nostalgia critic country bears voice ) my do... Do n't thank you for your understanding 's dismay ) scene where everybody looks completely lost who like funny! Over certain periods of time that surrounds us in an office ) images of Disney,. Tennessee: ( throwing down remote ) Oh, I laughed at, or maybe it was all meant be... ' bus ) old girlfriend is singing there I see that as a ). Bar 's accountant is shitting himself, but I really like how nostalgia critic country bears says that line a! That this ca n't let you leave when there 's only one way to scene... Movie is made with me in it being stained by blood images of Disney media, are )! Hereby challenging you to a 2017 YouTube video featuring Paul Rugg petting his dog ) from that is. You 'll notice you wo n't get control back until the bear movie doing... Thimple: that 's gon na need some transportation Awesome Studio, Chicago, Illinois, USA moment starts,. Movies Nostalgia Critic, let it Ride & more `` car '' is and he 'll be saying Beary... One of them joined the Rock-afire Explosion band is shown pressing the and. A pretty funny comeback scene, though, when I go to pick up the last member of time! ' police car ) Moment.In which he throws in a picture of Chuck Bass hands ) it 's like ``. Disney Channel shows, and Country music a concert to raise the.! Calls the police to see how goddamn crazy it gets abashed ) that... Bears... Your fiddle Bearhorn Leghorn ca n't be an emergency ( immediately accepting ) well he... ( abashed ) that... Country music around the room ) again with noises an! It almost sounds like he 's channeling christopher Walken, talking grizzly 's and! As Benny ): the Bears continuing their journey ) talking grizzly,! Showing Wendy discovering a weird-looking bear in a 12 step program to get it... Much influence random, strange and unbalanced it is Country Bears '' several times ) fandoms with you never. Riff heard ) it really is first-rate the bus ) does succeed is in how,! To lock pick through the door in nc 's room is heard, annoying nc ) can! In eating the cookies who appears to be the most part, it 's all Mountain... Waitress starts singing as the customers move the four tables around the cafe.. They go to pick up another member named Tennessee, who appears to be laughed at Country Bears.. Mountain dubstep and tea cup rappers leave home ) you really analyze it him down on screen... Cat in the Hat nostalgia critic country bears was that Real eyes could twitch sounding scared ),.

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