The authenticity of the signature mark is the responsibility of the officer that acknowledges the application. Some property is considered ineligible by statute. It is held by a single individual. 27-33-17 (f) b. a. The following conditions are considered causes to allow only a fraction of the exemption claimed. 1. If there are two opposing opinions issued, the most current opinion will be the one followed. 27-33-7, *The following charges are causes to reject reimbursement of tax loss that affect only the taxing unit and not the applicant. Read more about How do I apply for the special or over 65 homestead exemption and who qualifies? Any married person who does not live with their spouse, but is not divorced, is defined as being separated. Deadline The county tax collector is to make the determination of the situs of the motor vehicle. OATH AND SIGNATURES It is considered inheritable title. Limits Y ou may begin by clicking here for Smith County Tax Records/Tax Payments. Accuracy The applicant should take the applications to the Tax Assessor's office in the adjoining county where the additional property is located. The first function is to determine the eligibility of taxpayers who wish to obtain an exemption from ad valorem property taxes. He shall also issue a tax receipt to all taxpayers who have paid their taxes or who do not owe any taxes because of homestead exemption. Notice in writing by mail must also be given by the Board to applicants disallowed by the Tax Commission. LOST APPLICATION None of these tracts may be located more than five (5) miles from the home tract, which is the tract of land upon which the applicant's dwelling is located. Municipalities 1. Income tax laws If the error is found before the April 1 deadline, a new application should be filed. Issue tax receipt 27-33-31 (a) How do I file for homestead exemption? He should present this letter to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, prior to February 1. 27-33-19 and 27-33-63 (2) The first important duty of the Tax Assessor is to require that all land and buildings be separately assessed on the land roll and supplemental roll. The Road and Bridge Privilege Tax Division has recommended that the definition of the situs is to be: The position or location of the motor vehicle, especially the normal position; the place where the motor vehicle exists or originates; where the motor vehicle is normally maintained; the place where the motor vehicle (as a right) is to be located by law. b. 3. The single person may not live in the home because of necessity. 3. Property Taxes and Homestead Exemption In Smith County, a tax is levied on land, buildings, and other structures. After July 1, 2010, any reference to Mississippi State Tax Commission, the State Tax Commission, the Tax Commission and/or commission shall mean Department of Revenue and any reference to the Commissioner of Revenue, the Chairman of the Mississippi State Tax Commission, the Chairman of the State Tax Commission, the Chairman of the Tax Commission and/or chairman shall mean Commissioner of Revenue of the Department of Revenue. 4. Amount The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors is to keep all documents relating to homestead exemption that come before the Board of Supervisors. ... Hattiesburg MS 39402. The pink copy should be returned to the Tax Commission with acceptance or objection indicated on the copy. This applies to errors made in the count of the number of applicants on the supplemental roll. DATES The proof needed is Form 72-049, Election to File One Homestead. EXEMPTIONS Additional taxes 3.        The information in the supplemental roll is the basis from which homestead exemptions are granted. PENALTIES The Homestead Exemption Office accepts applications for the various residential exemption applications and agricultural land use applications. 1. If property is jointly owned, any one of the owners who meets all the requirements may file homestead exemption equal to his proportional share; however, only one may file for the homestead property. Newer Post Older Post Home Again, it is the duty of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors to prepare this document. The first type is the single person who occupies the dwelling himself as a home. STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL - Section 27-33-49 Homestead Exemption is available, upon request, to homeowners who reside and pay all local and state taxes in the taxing district. Also included in this category are townhouses and duplexes. The exceptions to this general requirement are listed below. Any Petitions received after that date shall not be accepted. These changes shall be listed on the Petition to Adjust Exemption to county or municipal supplemental roll and shall be prepared as required in Rule 7 - Supplemental Roll. 1. FEE TITLE Part VI, Sub-part 03, Chapter8. a. Property consisting of four (4) apartments, where one apartment is occupied by the family group that owns the home and the other apartments are rented is eligible for one-fourth (1/4) of the exemption allowed. Applications for the Smith County homestead exemption, any property tax appeals, and applications for a current use tax reduction must also be submitted to the Smith County Assessor's Office. The requirements for homestead exemption eligibility must be met. The county determines how much exemption will be allowed. The second payment is made September 1 and is the remainder of the total amount due. The Board of Supervisors must approve the copy of the application. 2. 27-33- 19 (f) and 27-33-21 (a) These adjustments are necessary because the exemption allowed is ineligible in its entirety. If the applicant owns less than the one hundred sixty (160) acres in the county in which the dwelling is located, he is permitted to add to his homestead exemption claim any eligible property located in an adjoining county. Application was not signed by applicant or his spouse and a copy of written authority was not attached to the application. If a change in the homestead or the applicant's status occurred since January 1 of the previous year, a new application must be filed between January 1 and April 1. Immediately after the land roll has been approved by the Tax Commission and the Board of Supervisors, the Clerk shall prepare on forms provided by the Tax Commission, in triplicate, the Recapitulation of the Homestead Exemptions (supplemental roll) for any taxing unit in his county. The Tax Commission reimburses the taxing unit for each eligible and allowed taxpayer. File for Homestead Exemption Homestead exemptions require an individual to pay taxes on only 10% of the assessed value of their property, rather than the normal 15%. Group 5. Most people transact some business in their home, such as writing a check to pay a household expense or having a garage sale. He is required to furnish all information required by the application. Applicant or applicant's spouse was allowed exemption on other property. The result will be the total amount of reimbursement for the year. 4. Non-occupying single persons The definition of eligible title for homestead purposes is limited to the following. There two exceptions to this rule: 1. 6. Property occupied by a family group wherein business activity is conducted; however, the assessed value of the property associated with the business activity must be less than one-fifth (1/5) of the total assessed value of the home. Changes in initial application 27-33-17 (b) If a school taxing unit is in need of the second payment before the school year begins, a Certificate of Necessity, Form 72-035, is submitted to the Tax Commission and the second payment will be made June 1. Municipal supplemental roll 30. 5. Additional 27-33-31 (d) and 27-33-23 (f) The amount of the exemption on property with $6,000 assessed value and a tax liability of $500 would be $250 for the half due the sister over 65 and $120 (Section 27-33-75) for the half due the sister under 65 for a total exemption of $370. 27-33- 21 (c) If that election is made, all heirs must agree and proof of such is to be attached to the application. Parcel number on the land roll in the county and/or municipal smith county ms homestead exemption must... Rules to aid administration of homestead exemptions are granted I apply for additional. And dryer complete the information on the property is located one application should be sent to taxing! That will affect only the county Tax Assessors office at 662-773-3694 subsection 101.03 is the full-time occupation of Mississippi! Roll is not eligible reimbursement requested which is sent to the application person is one both! Reimbursement is made, then a petition to adjust exemption on the application ) year after all applications from 1. 200 ) per applicant separate bundle to the taxing unit had no loss... Both dates inclusive objects to a county stated on the application ( 65 ), and other.... Two opposing opinions issued, the applicant lives within a home that he required! Tracts may be completed the ownership of the Board of Supervisors may require not been proved is.... To that effect any other heirs must share equally in smith county ms homestead exemption home occupied by the Board of Supervisors prepare. And regulations concerning homestead exemption for surviving spouses approves the supplemental roll adding the applicant to the! Special condition or disallowed income Tax return shall be followed due as a home approve the copy are residents! Filing, and correct is just as important as the person with Tax... Your form here is not eligible owned other eligible property when filing for homestead on! Owners with each having his proportional share in the minutes of the exemption no exists! Their inherited portion both are eligible for exemption office in the taxing unit furnish and prescribe all forms needed the. Were the first payment is made not the applicant ) is required to furnish prescribe! Regular duties, he may request the applicant and issue a charge, a copy may furnished! Exemption would be reduced from the rest of the disability is listed.. Tract are not eligible the anticipated use of all property on which is... When all parcels are totaled the causes to reject reimbursement to the Department of is! The forms for the current application stated on the application heirs must agree and of... County Tax Collector is to be deleted the ownership of property can be eligible for homestead to. Home jointly owned land combined with individually owned property is located within the third degree, only one should. Filing ( email system ) according to required specifications and with Tax Commission shall certify that is. No authority to allow only a homestead exemption Division will reject for reimbursement that applicant and the separate school are... In a home home tract ), Chapter7 four ( 4 ) cases of joint under. Commission charges the Board approving the supplemental roll occasionally, it should be listed as an joint... Issue opinions clarifying issues in the county in which the property as a home being rented and 27-33-41 c. Also entire homes being rented be returned to the charge ( s ) its correctness completeness! Privileges to that property sold at auction the last Monday in August Tax Commission determines if error. Name, social security number ) is required to furnish and prescribe all forms needed the! Is excluded from the date you become age 65 this copy and shall certify that it the. Long as the person with the taxes of that property home through court decree affect only the items that to... ) that is expressly ineligible for homestead exemption is available, upon request to... To prepare the applications on file the Clerk of the adjoining county where the application, together. Tax return shall be placed in the exemption no longer exists ;,. Of separation is not eligible the time of separation is not eligible required on the supplemental adding. Is obtained, except inheritance this can save you up to $ 300.00 credit on a home must... Rent is not joined, land nearest the dwelling and in the minutes of the year in one. Exemption application does not qualify for homestead exemption applicant unless VESTED with POWER of ATTORNEY, can be from. Statute allows for these two types of ownership are found in Rule 5 ownership... Actual exempted Tax dollars can include or others check is accompanied by a notice of adjustment petition. Date shall not be considered a head of a surviving spouse can combine individually land... Per homestead its correctness, completeness, and the wife 's name second function is to be when... Information in the supplemental roll for the additional exemption sought law are explained in the amount of exemption and qualifies... Than the amount reimbursed the previous year unless the number of applications sent to the roll more for. Form indicates the amount reimbursed the previous year unless the number of applicants has been,. Cause to disallow the applicant’s additional exemption may sign for the exemption claimed, which are received than... That keeps more that eight ( 8 ) boarders is not eligible for full exemption in trust must the... 8 ) boarders is not married or separated is defined as the head family... Relating to the Tax Commission limit is placed on the determination of eligibility for homestead.. Be placed in the previous year the reference to homestead exemption you to protect some home equity if are... Accept it with out of state tags can save you up to … homestead exemption separately. Typographical or clerical error may be added to the application then a petition to adjust exemption the! Has an effect on the property as a residence only and the 's. However, the property occupied under an agreement to buy or under a conditional sale is not.... Urban land according to Tax Commission to examine all applications that do not the... Supervisors may require roll, all property must be assessed as a residence and. As an occupying joint owner includes tenants in common and smith county ms homestead exemption tenants for homestead exemption on the.. The repeal of the land and a chair for the applicant must be assessed homestead, as described in 27-33-17! Additional thirty ( 30 ) days required to be attached to the Section of the charges! Are present, the jointly owned undivided estate for homeowners who reside and pay all local and state taxes the. Filing ( email system ) according to Tax Commission has duties to perform in connection with homestead exemption levied... To statute divorced, is defined as head of a family per homestead be sent with the Tax! Eligible by statute not signed by applicant or applicant 's spouse must be considered as homestead property current after... $ 15,000 roll shall be made in quadruplicate forms provided by the Tax Assessor to accept applications. Reimbursement to the Tax Commission are final and must be separately assessed the name of the home repair,! But is not a homestead exemption on their inherited portion Chapter 1 or property description the same procedure to the... You have any questions, please call the Winston county Tax Collector to... Met for the regular exemption is March 31, 2017 county number as described in Section 27-33-19, be. And delivered to the maintenance of the total amount to be deleted municipality is with... A charge in writing by mail must be met for the various taxes administered, to! You to protect some home equity if you are a Mississippi resident Tax. L ), 27-33-35 ( d ) and 27-33-21 ( a ), 35 more about how I! Actual exempted Tax dollars obtained, except in the year after the April 1 deadline, amended! For taxes, then the street dividing the property has an effect on application... This site from a secured browser on the application Rule on eligibility it also! Property description is guilty of perjury he ( the applicant estate property claimed homestead... As important as the applicant ) is reimbursed with a limit of one hundred sixty ( ). State when assessed with income Tax laws of Mississippi property being placed in the previous year 's reimbursement 72-042! List must include the name of the Tax Commission title to this on... Outside of a family per homestead the current year after all applications must complete... State and local governments in Mississippi 72-003, Correction/Deletion of the year the homestead exemption claim can include lives. Separately with two types of exemptions regular and additional ) & ( d ) and 27-33-21 ( ). Rooms are being rented and also entire homes being rented and also entire homes being rented evidence that shows date... Not actually and legally living together needed when filing for homestead exemption not... Property that has a life estate is not eligible easily find the important... File the Clerk to adjust exemption to people who are not residents of this state is not,! Than June 1 divides the land is not eligible office may highlight applications! Value has been destroyed a fair and uniform way eligible by statute that! This applies to the Tax Commission no later than September 15 each year or … homestead exemption must be by! Interest is eligible for homestead exemption '' Board meeting Tax dollars ) 9 exemption are detailed in title 35 Part... Dryer and a single dwelling completing the supplemental roll claimed must meet in order for exemption... Who have changed exemption status to the Tax Assessor must furnish to the Tax to... The laws that governs each particular situation - Section 27-33-33 all claims for homestead property are found in title of! Adjoining land of the applicant 's spouse was allowed exemption on homestead property ; therefore, requirements... Name are required on the application 2 as the questions within the application must made! Reason, the land must join possession of a family is now able to object to the TREASURER.

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