In April 2014, I bought a two bedroom condo in Bangkok. In the same way, you are obliged to cooperate with your condo management if you have caused any problems. Just remember your shiny new condo wont stay like that forever and you will need to budget a large amount to replace and repair things especially after the first few years. ... Max did an excellent job helping me buy a condo. Would love to know about how to sell the interest/contract in the off-plan project prior to completion. Monthly payments mean you don’t need to have a lump sum and can normally move into a place for a relativity low outlay. There are plans for improved public transport such as monorails in Phuket and Chiang Mai. Labor is no different. If you aren’t ready to buy, you can still rent an apartment. Away from the central zone of Bangkok, you will find more reasonably priced condos, especially away from public transport. Their report above also gives a good idea of costs and availability in different areas in Bangkok. 51% of all condos in any condo building has to be owned by Thais. The places I rented were nice enough, but I kept getting blocked in requests for improved furnishings or changing the decor. Prices can reach eye watering levels, but if you want the best, this place is where you should head to. Any resources you could point me too on that? Thailand allows for long leases, up to thirty years, that you can renew twice, giving owners a total of 90 years to enjoy the property. This book shows the resident of the unit and is an important document and is needed if you plan to sell the condo in the future. Condo prices are still increasing every year, especially for luxury condos. You mention at the start of the Legal section that foreigners can only own 49% of a condo. Index, SB and Homepro are the three main players in the market and will have everything you need to kit out your new pad. Your lawyer can go through the contract with you and ensure everything is clear and above board. All Rights Reserved. It can also be for holidays in the sun or a secondary residence. It is a hive of activity and naturally a desirable location to live. Buying condos in Mueang My place is full of Index furniture and it looks fine, although a few items are looking a bit worn and I will need to replace them. The first is that you have the right to see the condo accounts and attend and vote at the annual AGM. Cheers. Thanks! But if you’re certain that you want to buy a condo, go to Keller Henson to get things started. Soon after the Great Recession in 2008, buying a condo in Thailand might have been a good idea. As long as you have a good landlord, you shouldn’t have too many problems getting things done. The second type of maintenance is the repairs you will need to carry out in your place. Prime locations in Phuket rival the high end Bangkok properties, while condos in smaller towns and cities are similarly priced to those on the outskirts of Bangkok. I saw there were many new developments being built and thought it could be possible that the market would stagnate. I kept reading that the Fill out this form and we will put you in touch with someone that meets all three criteria. If you are looking at getting a bargain then there is the option to buy an old condo. It can become a problem and was the reason I decided to buy a corner room condo. 30,000). Without proof of this, a foreigner cannot register the condo in their name. The green line extension and new pink line are prime examples of how you can find new properties in locations where there will be new lines. Technically, the building owners are responsible for all external walls, floors and ceilings as well as the common area if the fault is their own. There will also likely be a clause based on the cancellation of the project, so make sure you are aware of this and if you will receive money back that you have paid. Thailand allows for long leases, up to thirty years, that you can renew twice, giving owners a total of 90 years to enjoy the property. The main reason for this is it is likely that the contracts you will sign are going to be in Thai. You can download it right here. Buying condos in Thalang. You might consider using a lawyer so to avoid any problems or the seller trying to pull a fast one and make you pay fees that aren’t your responsibility.

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