Both the game and the special are set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back . It depicts him having a wife, Malla, and a son Lumpawaroo (or “Lumpy” for short). Chewie and Malla had a son called Lumpawaroo. He was a Wookiee from Kashyyyk. Along the way, they are pursued by the agents of the Galactic Empire who are searching for rebels on the planet. Here are some of them: 1. … You guessed it....we named her after Chewbacca's wife, Mallatobuck. While this certainly could be a moment of respect between two wookiees who consider themselves to be bros, many have speculated that this is actually Malla, Chewbacca's wife … Star Wars fans may be a bit bummed they didn’t get any Han Solo news at D23 last weekend, but Ron Howard is making up for the slight over on Twitter. Chewie and Malla were separated during the war between the Empire and the Rebellion, with the latter remaining on the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk. Lumpy came downstairs, flying another X-Wing toy around and around his grandfather’s head and making noises as he went. Who is Chewie’s wife? A grim melding of beast, man, and pathos. Chewbacca's wife, Malla, and son, Lumpy, visit him on Coruscant. The 90 minute TV special (two hours with commercials) … Their presentation is an affront to all that is good and right in the world. The popular Knights of the Old Republic game, generally considered one of the best video games ever made, is set 4,000 years before the formation of the Galactic Republic, and it's not officially been canonized, given Disney has yet to publish any content set during this time-period. They board the Millenium Falcon, beginning the events of the game. Yet in The Star Wars Holiday Special, we meet Chewie's wife Malla (and his son Lumpy). Restoration of an original Star Wars Chewbacca / Malla Mask used in A New Hope and the Holiday Special. While it may look like Chewie’s wife, Malla, this wookiee mask was originally a Star Wars Chewbacca mask (made by legendary makeup artist, Stuart Freeborn) which was converted by Stan Winston’s team for the infamous 1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special. Filmed in 1978, The Star Wars Holiday Special reunites the film's main cast in a musical adventure that featured the debut of Chewbacca's extended family: his wife Malla, son Lumpawaroo ("Lumpy"), and father Attichitcuk, or … Roughly 90 minutes of this two-hour masterpiece revolves around Malla (Chewbacca's wife), Itchy (Chewbacca's father) and Lumpy (Chewbacca's apparently mentally handicapped son) engaging in NON-subtitled conversations that are realistic and yet riveting at the same time. According to Wookieepedia, Chewbacca met a female Wookiee named Mallatobuck, aka Malla, when he was around 100 years old (that’s young for a Wookiee). In 25ABY (After the Battle of Yavin), Chewbacca died at the age of 225, in Sernpidal. It's also a crucial and hilarious piece of Star Wars lore. She was kind of a mess when she came into rescue as a stray. Segment 2: Cooking Show While her husband is assumed certainly dead, Chewbacca's wife Malla watches a comedic cooking show about a four-armed drag queen making a pot of smashed meat. So when the mystery Wookiee hug appeared in the Solo trailer, many hardcore nerd minds went to the same place: Hey, what if this is Malla… Share. We met Chewie's wife, Mallatobuck (Malla), Chewie's son, Lumpawaroo (Lumpy), and Chewie's father, Attichituck (Itchy). Say hello to Malla! His son Lumpy!” It’s clear that the soft tender moment between the two implies more than just friendship and based on the height of the other Wookiee we are left with only one conclusion, that the Wookiee is an adult and is very likely Chewbacca’s wife Mallatobuck, or simply Malla. Itchy (which is short for Attichitcuk) is Chewbacca's father; Malla (Mallatobuck) is Chewbacca's wife; and Lumpy (Lumpawarrump) is Chewbacca's son. If you haven’t heard of Malla, Chewbacca’s wife, or the rest of his family, you aren’t alone. She appears to be a Shih Tzu mix who our vet thinks is approximately 8 years old. Darth Vader orders a systemwide search for the rebels. Chewbacca was known as “Chewie” by his friends. Malla is a wonderful wife. Chewbacca and Han Solo visit Kashyyyk, Chewbacca's Homeworld, to celebrate Life day. In the series' narrative chronology, Chewbacca was born on Kashyyyk about 180 years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. It could be his wife Mallatobuck, aka Malla or even possibly his father Attichitcuk (Itchy), which would in turn officially make Chewbacca's family part of the official Star Wars canon. Chewbacca's wife Malla calls Luke Skywalker to see if he has heard from Chewie; he reassures her but is having trouble working on an engine with R2-D2. Mallatobuck (Also known as Malla) was the wife of Chewbacca. In the LEGO special, we see three other Wookiees, but … As Chewbacca and Han are known Rebel agents, they are pursued by the Galactic Empire, who in the process invade Chewbacca's household. I’m simply thankful that they didn’t give Chewbacca’s wife … By Scott Collura The second trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has arrived, and while it goes a bit more into giving us some story and character details about the young Han Solo film, perhaps the biggest takeaway […] 1 History 2 Gameplay 3 Trivia 4 Navigation He along with Chuck first appear when Obi-Wan and Red Skywalker ask them to help, insisting that they will be paid later. There have, however, been a number of important references to the events of the KotORgame and to specific plot elements. I was extremely thrown off by Lumpy's full name being Lumpawarrump instead of Lumpawaroo. Filmed in 1978, The Holiday Special reunites the film's main cast in a musical adventure that featured the debut of Chewbacca's Wookiee family: his wife Malla , son Lumpawaroo, called "Lumpy" for short, and his father Attichitcuk, who is nicknamed "Itchy." Chewbacca’s family includes his wife, Malla; father, Itchy; and son, Lumpy. Today, the filmmaker actually dropped a big reveal: Ostensibly, it was a photo of Chewbacca ... with his extended family: wife Malla, son Lumpy, and dad Itchy. She was the wife of Chewbacca, and mother of their two sons, Auzituck and Lumpawaroo, as well as their daughter Lumwarrump. The Wookiee wife is called Malla, short for Mallatobuck. "I know we'll be together again. Malla wore an odd red robe, Lumpy played with a wooden X-Wing, and they all celebrated "Life Day" together. Mallatobuck (meaning "beautiful singer" in Shyriiwook), also known as Malla, was a female Wookiee from Kashyyyk. Meanwhile, in Chewbacca’s treehouse home on Kashyyyk, Chewie’s wife Malla was working in the kitchen while his father Itchy carved an X-Wing Fighter toy for little Lumpy. He is a major character in the Skywalker Saga. A mockery of human form. Malla contacts Saun Dann, a trader who is dealing with an Imperial trooper. If you are against laughter and Star Wars, this will be the backbone of every future argument you ever have. Terebacca The Wookie is best friends with Chuck "Ham" Solo, and the two own the Mighty Millenium Falcon together. The Star Wars Holiday Special is a crucial and hilarious piece of Star Wars lore. The focus of the two hour special that aired in 1978 is on Chewbacca trying to get back to Kashyyyk for “Life Day” (aka Christmas), and all the little things that keep preventing him. The special introduces three members of Chewbacca's family: his father Itchy, his wife Malla … It's just a matter of time." He is portrayed by Terence. In the original special, Chewbacca had a wife (named Malla), a father (Itchy), and a son (Lumpy). Video Phone: Chewbacca's family uses one of these hidden in some kind of dresser to contact the other characters associated with the Rebel Alliance (Luke and R2-D2, Leia and C-3PO, etc.) She is all cleaned up and her eye injuries have healed. Some of the original Star Wars characters are seen in archival footage of the movie. Malla learns to cook bantha surprise from a viewscreen. Lumpy leads a lonely life as the son of a war hero. Itchy and Malla are both modified Chewbacca figures. Most of it is flat-out terrible, but none more so than the introduction of Chewbacca's "family": his father Itchy, his wife Malla, and his son Lumpy. ―Mallatobuck. Malla had a brother named Vargi. to ask about Chewie and Han Solo's whereabouts. Dirty, matted and had ulcers on her eyes that we have treated. The Star Wars Holiday Special may live again thanks to the young Han Solo movie! The special at least gives wide-eyed audiences a horrifying taste of what they’re in for in an opening-credits sequence that features an announcer booming, “Introducing Chewbacca’s family! But it is the injection of the veteran television personalities that adds a surreal gloss to the whole enterprise. For the first time, we meet Chewbacca’s wife, Malla, his son, Lumpy, and his aged father, Itchy, back on Kashyyyk. It's around here where the viewer's confusion begins to form into a tasteable hate. His wife Malla! Thankfully, Wookieepedia was able to clear up my confusion. So what's the deal with Maz Kanata and Chewbacca? In the old Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, a Wookiee named Mallatobuck was Chewbacca’s wife, but all that was thrown out when Disney took over Lucasfilm and decided to … His father, Itchy! Given the ludicrous nature of this backstory, you'd think it would be ditched along with the rest of the Expanded Universe, but it might not. Chewbacca and Han Solo visit the planet to celebrate the Wookiee holiday Life Day with his family, which includes his wife Malla, his son Lumpy and his father Itchy. Chewbacca, also known as Chewie, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed by the late Peter Mayhew and is currently portrayed by Joonas Suotamo.

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