Oh, and the sanders oscillate. 1/4″ plywood is best for the base of the sled because the … At Campy's Designs we also provide services in mobile milling, slab flattening, timber framing and more. Email. We'll talk about wide belt sanders, planers, limitations of jointers, using a CNC to flatten and finally the use of a DIY router sled to get your slab flat and ready for sanding. Running with the grain greatly reduce tearout and give you a better finish that will require less sanding. ReddIt. The walls of the sled were made from 10ft long 2x8 boards that I cut to approximately 7” wide. I recommend checking out the good video by Matt Cremona below. This slab jig will help you make wood slab projects flat! The jig is just 3 pieces of plywood or MDF with a router bolted in the center. The slab had a bit of twist and cup in it so I made this quick version of the router jig.It worked very nice and made very quick work of flattening the slab. Both Sold Separately. Even a great CNC and operator will still leave a pretty evident grid line. This extra step of sanding the slab can be done for an additional cost. So more often than not, I am able to put any slab though this planer and have it come out perfectly flat on both sides. So my recommendation is to first ask your slab supplier if they can flatten both sides for you. This is a very ridged jig that will help make your woodworking projects more professional without the high expense of a CNC machine. For comparison, I can generally flatten slab on the industrial planer/sander in about 5-10 minutes. The heart of the jig is a trough that guides the router over the workpiece, allowing you to even out the high and low points as much as possible and retain the … May 21, 2019. The Stone Coat Countertop Slab Jig is adjustable to fit most router bases (Router Not Included), we use a Surface Planing Router Bit (Not Included) and a router. Download the plans for it as a SketchUp file: 1. Slab Flattening Jig November 2020 I have some 8/4, 6/4 and 5/4 rough sawn Oak, Mahogany, Walnut and Maple that's been sitting for awhile, Most of it is pretty straight but still needs flattening. Again, not a huge deal. I am in the progress of building a large table with a thick slab of spalted beech. I am in the progress of building a large table with a thick slab of spalted beech. A router sled is in a sense, a cheap homemade CNC when it comes to flattening. I also added a dust chute. The jig is adjustable to fit most router bases, we use a Surface Planing Router Bit - 3" Cutting Diameter and a 1.75 horse router. For the best finish, shim your slab so that it won’t move while you plane it. The Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill, along with your router, lets you accurately and safely flatten oddly shaped and oversized slabs in a home shop. Step 1: Cut a Slot Into the Melamine. No matter if you need to plane a small plank 40×30 cm or a huge slab 500×150 cm – the solution is always the same, TOT! A few changes that would make it better: 1 - I added small stop blocks at the ends of the sled so it can't fall off the rails.2 - The sides of the sled should have been a bit taller, because the was a bit of sag in the middle when I applied a bit too much pressure.Apollogies for the wind noise in the beginning.Watch more:http://www.instagram.com/robincoomans ... One way is to use a router and a jig. You will be left with a grid that needs sanding out. A client wants an 80” round table, which is bigger than any CNC I know of. Has anyone ever built a slab flattening router sled? Visit our website to learn more! By Nick Offerman #222–Nov/Dec 2011 Issue. Condition. At Slab Reaper Tackle we are God and family first. The Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill Pro (and your router) lets you accurately and easily flatten oddly shaped and oversized slabs right in your own woodshop. It works best with a variable speed router of 2 horsepower or more and spoilboard router bits. By Matt. Please note that the router will leave shallow lines from each pass, which will need to be sanded out before finish. Flattening twisted and rough cut lumber is a breeze with this Jig. If you have a really nice, thick piece of wood and it is too wide to go through your planer, how can you get faces of the wood smooth and parallel? Planer at Creative Woodwork NW gobbling up a big one. So theoretically, you can make a router sled larger than a CNC. So I've got that done. The flattinging jig was fatured in a article on Nick Offerman in Fine woodworking. Print. In this article we are going to discuss the different ways you can get your slab flat and ready for sanding and finishing. The same generally goes for planing twisted and cupped slabs. You can store they almost anywhere, and they can be built to any size. 8036876152 8036876152 ©2020 by Slab Reaper Jigs. If that isn’t an option, read on below. Facebook. You can hand-plane a slab, or try using a portable belt sander, … Of course, a hand plane will do the job. The length of the melamine is determined by the width of the wood you want to flatten. They are extremely inexpensive. Home & Garden. Find the centre of the melamine, lengthways, and draw a line down the centre. Synopsis: This shopmade router jig, designed by NBC sitcom star Nick Offerman, levels thick slabs to create Nakashima-style tabletops and other unique pieces. The second downside is they are extremely messy. Jun 03, 2018 What I decided to do is build a slab flattening jig that allows me to flatten and stack the slabs so they will eventually be ready for use. With smaller projects like a cutting board, you can absolutely do that, and I actually used that method in the second video. In my case I used a 1200mm strip of melamine in anticipation of any wide slabs in the future. Woodpeckers Basic Slab Flattening Mill (along with your router) lets you accurately and easily flatten oddly shaped and oversized slabs right in your own shop. Build the Router Sled. But maybe one side is still roughsawn (right off the bandsaw, no planer). 6. It essentially acts like a huge jointer, so slab is too twisted/warped/cupped to be flattened by a CNC. Normally to remove twists and cups, a decently equip shop will run one side of a board over a jointer, then the other through the planer. Follow along as I make a router sled/slab flattening mill. Starrett: Micrometers, Gages, Machinist Tools, Force Measurement, Precision Granite, Video Measurement, Optical Comparators, Band Saw, Jobsite Tools.. Overall width and weird grain changes make the use of a jointer and thickness planer impractical if not impossible. It delivers the best finish, which means the least sanding for you. A jig saw can get the job done, as well, if needed. Once the slab is acclimated and to rough size it is time to build a planing sled. Since you’re using. You will likely need at least an hour, if not two hours of time on the machine. I bought a Woodhaven 51” sled and use from time to time with good success. Finally, they are not quite as precise as a CNC. This will cut down on the amount of your slab that has to be planed off. Since you don’t want to take too much off, but still get it perfectly flat. I make Nick Offerman's router jig to flatten huge slabs easily. I have some live edge slabs I need to flatten and I am planning on using a variation of Nick Offerman's router sled: Rather than use solid lumber for the rails, I thought laminating (3) 3/4"x6"x96" sanded plywood would be more stable. Featured My Shop Jigs Projects Shop Projects Uncategorized. Resulting in a perfectly flat board. Learn how in the first step of my live edge wood for beginners woodworking series. You don’t always have a choice, but if possible you should run your router (or CNC) with the grain. Take a look at our kiln dried wood slabs for your next DIY project! The second downside is that a CNC isn’t particularly fast. Now, assemble the whole jig using the bolts, washers, and nuts. Flattening with TOT! Please provide a valid price range $ to … But does take time. Proudly created with … It is likely the CNC will have to take multiple passes to get it flat. The first thing you need to do is get your piece surfaced so both sides are nice and flat. router sled compared to competitive products: Visit our retail store in Ottawa, ON. Most shops will charge at least $125/hr for CNC time. Flattening: A good job for a jig. A great technique for flattening the surface of large slabs and odd shaped cross-sections. Which isn’t a huge deal, so don’t sweat it too much. Three ways to flatten your slab, and which method is best. Using the Slab Flattening Mill Pro is as easy as sliding your router across the wood slab and back, moving over a little less than the width of your cutter and repeating until … So I use the rigidity of the slab and shim under the 2×6’s so the runners will run … These CNC lines are not a huge obstacle to overcome, just a little time consuming when it comes to sanding. dustless system is clean, easy and fast. My first router sled made from simple angle-aluminum and wood block. So for $20 I bought 8 little wheels and built my own jig out of scrap 5/4 and 3/4 Poplar and bought a 1 1/2” and 2” planing bit for my router. … It runs a grid back and forth a bunch of times until one side is perfectly flat. Its also does and amazing job at removing those twists and cups better than any planer I’ve used. Flattening Wood Slabs with a Router Jig Nick Offerman's shopmade router jig flattens thick slabs to create Nakashima-style tabletops and other unique pieces. slabreaperjigs@gmail.com. So if your piece is longer than that you are going to have to run across the grain. Unfortunately, my planer is usually either too small to handle such large pieces, or it would cause too much tearout on endgrain. I cut a piece of 1/2" MDF about 6" wide for the base of the jig. Over $140.00. Unbranded (5) Items (5) see all. You simply run your slab through the planer at a commercial shop, alternating sides, until you have a smooth piece of wood with no low spots.

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