At some point, you may consider the process of declaring the missing person dead. If the person had made a power of attorney before they went missing, then in some respects things can "carry on" as if the person were still alive. Fortunately, there is a legal process for declaring a missing person to have died. During this time, someone can be named to watch over the missing person’s property and affairs. This guide was designed to assist law enforcement with the entry of missing person records in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File. The instructions and reports provided in the guide are intended to assist to law enforcement with the collection of information to create an accurate profile of the missing person. In addition, if an order is made, the applicant will normally be obliged to take out insurance against any losses arising if the person returns. california missing person presumption of death; court declaration of death and california probate of estate of missing person Sadly, some people find themselves beginning a California probate administration after a loved one is lost in a mass casualty or has been missing for a long period of time. I hereby declare and certify to the _____ Police Department that the individual named above is mis-sing as indicated in the category checked and his or her whereabouts are unknown. To get a declaration of death of a missing person is a judgment pronounced on the status of a particular subject matter (such as a right on the property or right against the property) and therefore the government has to be a necessary party in the suit for declaration of death. Missing Person Investigations I nvestigating a missing person case can be one of the most challenging assignments you will handle in your career. NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person Statistics for 2014 Pursuant to Public Law 101-647, 104 Statute 4967, Crime Control Act of 1990 Requirements. So many family members and friends hold on to the hope that the missing person will return; however, it may become apparent that the triumphant return is not going to happen. Get a declaration of presumed death if a person has been missing for at least 7 years or you think they've died - form N208, certificate of presumed death, appeal, complain The officer will have to consider a number of NCIC/CLEAN Forms. However, the cost of this insurance will be charged to the missing person's estate. OTHER: A PERSON NOT MEETING THE CRITERIA FOR ENTRY IN ANY OTHER CATEGORY, WHO IS MISSING & FOR WHOM THERE IS A REASONABLE CONCERN FOR HIS/HER SAFETY. Data Codes Click here for instructions to access the most recent version of the NCIC Codes Manual to look up data codes Forms - Must use Internet Explorer for all of these forms Attempted Abduction Entry Form; ATLP-ATLV-GPI Entry Form A missing person is presumed alive for seven years following the date of disappearance. The officer responding to a missing person call is in many cases responding to a situation where the reason for an individual’s disappearance is unknown. Call the police to file a missing persons report. Any person applying for a presumption of death order must notify all the other persons potentially affected by any order. Table of Contents After the end of the seven-year period, a court can make a decision declaring the person dead.

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